The Plan Our Neighbourhood committee looks at the impacts of new development proposals on our neighbouhood and communicates concerns to City Hall.

Volunteers on this committee participate in City consultations on proposed planning and zoning changes. Our goal is to ensure inclusive and sustainable growth that recognizes the strength and history of our neighbourhood.

What  we do:

  • Meet with developers to receive presentations and offer suggestions
  • Draft comments and prepare recommendations for the Dalhousie Community Association Board
  • Attend and sometimes organize public consultations
  • Liaise with neighbouring community associations and the Federation of Community Associations on common concerns.
  • Participate in pre-consultation work where applicable with the City of Ottaw
  • Planning Department¬†

What we consider:

  • Site issues (including parking for cars and bikes, waste storage, accessibility, trees, traffic impact)
  • Height or other dimensions (access to light for others, overlooking, wind impact)
  • Pedestrian and mobility experience
  • Urban design (materials, open spaces, public realm)
  • Community benefits (affordable housing, recreation, green space, public art)
  • Heritage

To learn more, please contact us at: