Heritage Properties

The City of Ottawa's Heritage Section has been reviewing which properties to be included on the Heritage Reference List. They have been proceeding neighbourhood by neighbourhood and in April 2018, made their list for the Dalhousie Neighbourhood available to the Dalhousie Community Association (DCA).

The photos in the gallery show the properties which the City's Heritage section proposes be on the list. The photos are arranged alphabetically by street name and each street's house numbers are in numerical order. These are titled "Included". The DCA reviewed and endorsed the City's list and proposed adding a further 60 or so additional addresses. These are titled "OMITTED".

DCA Heritage Housing

The City notified all the owners of the original list in April 2018. Since then they have added 27 of the addresses proposed by the DCA and have notified those owners too. As of September 2018, the City had not yet advised the DCA on the 27 additional addresses.

Inclusion on the Heritage Reference List does not prevent the demolition or alteration of  such properties, it merely allows the City a few additional weeks to review a building or demolition permit and consult with the owner. This is not "Heritage Designation" which restricts what can be done to such buildings.