Benches for Gladstone?

6 Sept 2012

Diane Holmes
Councillor, Somerset Ward

Re: Recycling the Bank Street Promenade Street Furniture

We have noticed that the former furniture used on the Bank Street Promenade is now enjoying outdoor storage at the Bayview Yards (photo attached).

This furniture has minor cosmetic wear and tear and appears to only need repainting in order to be reused.

Given the significant cost of benches, we would like to suggest it be reused in our Ward. For example, Gladstone Avenue has no BIA but is an important residential and commercial “mainstreet” . We suggest that a number of places can be identified along the street where benches would be suitable, eg near bus stops, seniors’ residences, schools, and corner stores.

Concerns were expressed before benches were installed along Preston and Somerset that these might attract undesirable activities and loitering. However, these fears proved unfounded, and the benches on these streets are always busy with people. Making the street a people place in turn discourages undesirable activities. And we all know Gladstone could use some further upgrades to be a more livable street, a better people place.

Please ascertain the feasibility of reusing this abundant inventory of sturdy street furniture in our Ward.

Thank you,

Eric Darwin.