From low rise to high rise ....

From low rise to high rise ... change is coming...

 artist impression shows the area north of Somerset, west of Preston. New buildings are up to 30 floors high.

Where will development be?
How big will it be?
When will it happen?
What will be built?

You are invited to a


Development Along the O-Train Corridor

Hosted by the Dalhousie and Hintonburg Community Associations

6 March 2012, 7:00 pm

Tom Brown Arena
141 Bayview Rd., near Scott/Albert St.

• The City of Ottawa is making rules for new development along the O-Train tracks and the future light rail corridor.

• Several large developments are already in the planning stages.

• This Open Forum will provide information on the City’s planning process, what has been approved already, and what is being considered.

• Find out what is happening and make your views heard!