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Reply from Watson re U-Pass

Dear Eric,Thank you for your e-mail regarding the U-Pass program. I appreciate your opinion on this matter, and want to make sure that you have a proper perspective on the background of the program, and the process going forward. The current U-Pass pricing of $145 was part of the introduction of a pilot project in 2009-10. At that time, it was made absolutely clear that the price would eventually be raised to a price that is “revenue neutral” for the City of Ottawa. This means a price that provides a balance between revenues that OC Transpo received from post-secondary student riders prior to the program, and the increase in usage and revenue that was anticipated from the program. This is the "revenue neutral" concept that you have no doubt heard about. Further, the price was supposed to be raised to revenue neutral last year as part of the 2011 budget, however your student federations were unable to properly coordinate the required referenda to authorize a more perman

letter to Watson re Bronson

DALHOUSIE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION 755 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6R1 Eric Darwin, President Mayor Jim Watson City of Ottawa Re Bronson Avenue Dear Mayor Watson In tough economic times the City must continue to demand a great return on its capital investments. The reconstructions of Preston Street, Wellington West, Richmond Road, and parts of Somerset Street have resulted in adjacent property values doubling and tripling in a short period of time. Economic activity along these streets is booming. The City is prospering as a direct result of good investment in livable streets. What a wise policy. In contrast, all our suggestions to make Bronson more livable are being rejected by city traffic engineers who have a single focus on enhancing rush hour traffic. Your city is foregoing enormous economic potential and consequent tax revenue enhancement. Instead, the current reconstruction plans for Bronson will merely continue the blight and decay that has plague