letter, devonshire school daycare

21 Nov 2011

Dear Ms. McKenzie,

The board of directors of the Dalhousie Community Association (DCA) has been following closely the discussions and consultations around the full day kindergarden program and extended days. We reviewed the report on the “Proposed Delivery of the Extended Day Program” and urge you to vote for the staff recommendations on November 22nd that will permit Third Party Providers to continue to offer care to our children.

We commend the OCDSB for its commitment to expand childcare services in Ottawa. We strongly believe that Third Party Providers will continue to be valuable partners for the OCDSB in the new system, especially in neighbourhoods like ours where there are few licensed childcare spaces. We believe that right now, the most important thing for our community is to clarify once and for all that Third Party Providers are valued partners of the OCDSB as it will quickly start building up a reliable, high quality and affordable childcare system that works for families for years to come.

We are encouraged that the OCDSB’s Business Services Committee unanimously and without amendment approved the staff recommendations on November 8 and urge you to do the same on November 22nd.


Eric Darwin
President, Dalhousie Community Assoc.