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801 Albert Street, proposed development


755 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6R1

16 October 2011

Councillor Diane Holmes, City of Ottawa

Cc: Jeff Polowin, Hill & Knowlton
Councilor Katherine Hobbs

Dear Councillor,

Re: Re-Zoning of 801 Wellington St.

On Sept. 20 ’11, representatives of the Dalhousie and Hintonburg Community Associations were given a presentation of perspectives and other drawings of office towers for the 801 Wellington site opposite Bayview Station. The developer did not leave any documents with us. There was no assurance that any resultant buildings would look like what was presented. We were merely being informed that this was the basis of a re-zoning request which would eliminate the existing 1.5 FSI, allow 196, 184 and 95m heights ASL, and drastically reduce commercial parking requirements. Some shadow studies were later submitted electronically.

Site Planning:
A preliminary review indicates that the principal pedestrian and vehicle circulation and connectivi…

DCA Sept Meeting

DCA meeting, September 7, 2011

Present: Don McMaster, Craig Haynes, David Seaborn, Ida Henderson, Michael Hatfield, Maija Kagis, Archie Campbell, Eric Darwin, Charles Akben-Marchand, Mike Powel, Zsofia Orosz

Guests: Mark Barszjewski, Connie Brian, Pat Deacon, Pamela Connolly, Stephanie Strudwick, Pat Shair, Diane Holmes

Minutes of July meeting. Motion to adopt moved by Archie, seconded by Eric. It was noted that some Word documents circulated could not be opened by all.

New agenda items

1) Cousin Edy's Garage; 2) update from safety committee (under public safety); 3) proposed change to City policy on court fees; 4) 62 Bell St (illegal rooming house)

Transportation committee

In June, committee members met with staff about Bronson related to the trial of a road diet. No feedback has been received from traffic dept. manager Mr. Manconi, the pilot is for 2012 summer unless they start reconstructing before. There is a PAC meting on September 22 at 6:30 at Bronson Centre. There is now an ar…

Letter to Paul Dewar, MP, re NCC's closed gate

12 October 2011

Mr Paul Dewar, MP

Re Popular Preston Extension route closed by NCC

We would like to bring to your attention the recent unilateral closure by the NCC of the Preston “extension”. This paved route, a former NCC road, has been used by the community since the transitway opened in the early 1980’s, as it is the nearest and safest community access to the Ottawa River parklands and bikepaths. It is a popular route, used by hundreds daily.

The alternative routes are simply horrible: via Booth Street, a busy, unpleasant road that is much further from the River, and slated to undergo several years of major reconstruction ; or via Albert to Bayview, which unfortunately takes cyclists and pedestrians along one of the most unpleasant and ill-suited bits of road in the City, where Albert goes over the O-Train, and thence along the creepily deserted Bayview Road to the River.

Please inform Madame Chairman Lemay that she does have alternatives.

One, is to keep the current route open, …

Letter to NCC re Preston extension


755 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6R1 .
Eric Darwin, President

Marie Lemay
Chair, NCC                               “Madame Chairman
                                                  Unlock this gate!”

Re Preston Street extension & LeBreton remediation plans

We note with a great deal of horror that the NCC has closed off the gate whereby hundreds of local residents access NCC bike paths and parklands from the north end of Preston Street (at Albert).

I would like to remind you that this is the nearest and safest point of access for the whole community to the NCC lands. Alternative routes, such as via Booth Street or Albert-to-Bayview are extraordinarily unattractive alternatives. I invite you to cycle along Albert over the O-Train, or Booth northwards from Albert, and tell us that you think these are fine alternatives to the NCC’s 30-year-old off-road wide paved path north of Preston that leads to a legal crosswalk over the transitway…