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Gladstone/Little Italy O-Train Station

On June 27 the DCA sent a letter to Councillors Holmes and Hobbs (since both abut the Otrain corridor) pointing out the merit of installing an O-train station near Gladstone Avenue in 2014 as part of the O-train expansion project. (you can read that letter by going back a few posts on this website). Subsequently, Councillor Holmes wrote to a number of city bureaucrats pointing out the merits of examining a station there in 2014. In August, Councillor Hobbs put forward a motion at Transportation Committee: As you may know, the City is building a passing track just north of the future Gladstone Station on the O-Train line as part of the $59 million upgrade that will increase service from every 15 minutes to every 8 minutes. With the information on the cost of a study to use Gladstone Station as the passing track, I will work with my colleagues on council including Councillor Holmes to fund the study and the construction. During construction of the first phase of the LRT project the

500 Preston (Soho Italia)

The City will shortly be considering the rezoning of 500 Preston Street to permit a 35 storey condo tower occupying the entire lot at the corner of Preston and Sydney. Here is our input to the city consultation process: DALHOUSIE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION 755 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6R1    11 August 2011 Eric Darwin, President Planning and Growth Management Dept Attn D.Bridgewater Re: the Soho Italia proposal by Starwood Mastercraft, 500 Preston Street The Dalhousie Community Association (DCA) has discussed this project, met with the proponents, and unanimously agreed that it is objectionable on numerous grounds. Firstly, the City is supposed to plan for its future using an Official Plan, supported by lower level plans. Neither the OP nor the CDP for the area call for high rises at the south end of Preston Street. Indeed, the zoning for the Carling and O-Train corridors was recently revised by the City as part of the CDP. And the CDP itself is still ong

No August Meeting

The Association does not normally hold a meeting in August, accordingly there will not be a meeting August 3rd. The Board continues to be involved in community affairs during August. Current issues include 500 Preston (Soho Italia) rezoning to permit a 35 storey condo; the lack of information regarding the Rocherster/Balsam site (23 townhouses); the LRT stations, Devonshire School park/parking, Somerset reconstruction, etc. The next regularly scheduled meeting is Sept 7th, 2011.