Committee of Adjustment Letter

Richcraft is proposing a condo at 346 Gloucester, just east of Centennial Public School, on the same block as Ricardo's pizza. The won increased height at the OMB, and are now back with a nicer design, same buildable area, but a very different shape that is also ... taller. We wrote to the committee of adjustment...

Re: 346 Gloucester Street

Dear Members of the Committee of Adjustment

The Dalhousie Community Association wishes to offer three comments on the proposal.

1. We appreciate the improved aesthetics and view of the building

2. We appreciate the step backs and podium format of the revised building

3. We object to further increasing the height of the building over the previously (OMB-approved) height.

Thank you,

Eric Darwin.


  1. Do you have any renderings or addition details for this project?


    - Josh

  2. For renderings, try and type in the address 346 gloucester. Sorry, I dont have any handy to post up right now.
    - Eric


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