Agenda for May 4th meeting

DCA Agenda May 4, 2011

7.30pm – meet and greet new and old board members, update contact list, adopt minutes and agenda

8pm – cathedral hill development presentation

8.30 pm – discussion of committee structure, selection of members for each group, election of President, Treasurer, etc. We may want to have a meeting chair separate from the President role.

Do we want to move to a committee structure, and how autonomous should the committees be? Should they have fixed meeting date(s)? Suggested committees (to be revised):

• Developments big and small, infills, Committee of Adjustment applications
• Traffic, Transportation and neighborhood-scale plans
• Cycling and pedestrians
• Social wellbeing, schools, parks, housing, safety
• Buzz distribution
• Membership growth
• Gardening

Note the upcoming events to which we are invited:

May 10th, 7pm, The Door AGM
Note May 11, 6.30pm meeting on sec 37 at city hall