DCA Meeting Jan 5th, 2011

DCA Agenda, Jan 5, 2011

The next meeting of the Dalhousie Community Assoc. will be on Wedn. 5 January 2011 at the Dalhousie Community Centre, corner of Empress and Somerset, at 7.30pm. The agenda includes …

Somerset update:

Between Preston and Bayswater: work in 2011 (which was supposed to be done in 2010) will commence at Preston and work westwards, there will be three weeks of digging for pipes and laterals, should be done by end of May. The contractor will do test pits first to find any contamination – this caused major delays last fall in the Bayswater area. Curbs, first asphalt, and then gravel sidewalks should be installed by June. Sidewalk pavers will be installed and final coat of asphalt by November. The Preston BIA plans to install tree lighting on the City Centre Dr to Preston segment, and on the east side of Plant Pool, and in front of the Vietnam building site, to continue the lighting theme throughout the commercial zone. This will necessitate some trenching, disturbing the existing pavers along Preston, and then adding tree guards with electrical power points.

Between Preston and Booth: we expect work to be done in 2011. Design meetings are ongoing.


Motion: that the DCA support Arlington as an e/w cycling route in the official cycling plan.

Another motion, that Percy Street be examined in 2011 by the city as a contra flow northbound lane and southbound cycling boulevard (bikes and cars share lane) , as a parallel safe cycling alternative to Bronson Avenue, from the Laurier segregated bike lanes south to Glebe. If passed, we will send motions to David.Barclay@Ottawa.ca, and robin.bennett@ottawa.ca

Cathedral Hill:

We have received the official rezoning application notification. Issues: height; creep of office buildings to the west of Lyon (current office district boundary), possible precedent for other church lots. See: http://westsideaction.wordpress.com/2010/12/15/planning-exercise-iii/
for some more info and pictures if you are keen.

Booth/Somerset Condo Building: A condo is proposed for the vacant lot at the corner of Booth and Somerset, NW side. We will have illustrated proposal at the meeting. For more info before then, see:


Other items?