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DCA Report, December 2010

Holiday Greetings to all our loyal readers. The next meeting of the DCA  will be an abreviated meeting  on Wedn. Dec 8th at 6pm. Please let me know if you are interested in coming as there will be a location change for this meeting only: .  By knowing what is going on in your neighborhood, you are better placed to influence change. We welcome your comments. The biggest issue in the past month as been the Rescue Bronson project, a coordinated effort with Centretown Community Association, and with CCOC (who are downtown landlords with lots of community spirit). Rescue Bronson : Readers will recall the City's plan first revealed in the Spring of 2010 was to widen Bronson at the expense of narrower sidewalks, later revised to some widening but still four lanes. Bronson today demonstrates the inadequacies of 1950’s road planning, for both motorists and the neighborhood suffer the effects daily. We want something better, and the best time to do better is w