DCA Requests consultation on new bike path

From a letter sent by the DCA to Councilor Holmes:

The Dalhousie Community Assoc. discussed the O-train corridor bike path at its last meeting. We are delighted that the City has given the go ahead to this cycling and pedestrian route. The path route has its challenges: isolated or less-visible sections, connections to other infrastructure, satisfying a variety of potential users, etc. While the members of the Association have numerous concerns about the path, we wish it to be as successful as possible, and our concerns are all about making the path work.

We are mindful that meaninful consultation with various stakeholders has resulted in significant improvements to other public projects in the neighborhood.

We therefore request that the City hold a stakeholders' consultation sometime shortly after the first draft plan for this facility is devised by the City, but before it becomes too late to make meaningful improvements.

Eric Darwin.
President, Dalhousie Community Association