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Interprovincial transit study

The DCA sent the following letter to Marie Lemay, head of the NCC, regarding the interprovincial transit study now underway. These are our oft-repeated views on the transit strategy, we take each opportunity to reiterate them to the planners: The Dalhousie Community Association represents an area from Bay Street to Bayview, from the Ottawa River to Dows Lake. As such, we are the neighborhood with three of the DOTT stations, and three north/south LRT stations, and three interprovincial bridges. We are constantly involved in transportation planning studies with the city and NCC. With respect the current round of consultation regarding the Interprovincial Transit Study, we like the following : LRT service for the loop connecting Ottawa and Gatineau use the Prince of Wales bridge in the west, in order to help ensure the success of the transit oriented development on the west side of the downtown use the Alexandra Bridge on the east. It will be good to reverse the earlier convers

More on Bronson road diet

This morning the CBC did a follow up interview on the problem with Bronson. They interviewed Dan Burden, who is a leading proponent of road diets. I have used his materials in suggesting to the city that Bronson needs to be put on a diet, and their answer, without any justification, is always ... "no". You can listen to his interview here: Select the story called "road diet". He points out that some cities are already up to their thirty-third road being put on a "diet" and dear old Ottawa won't even consider putting one road on a diet. Sigh.

Bronson Road Diet

As part of our association's ongoing efforts to get the City to look at alternative improvements to Bronson, here is a link to a CBC interview with the association president: You then have to select "fake trees" from their menu. Good luck in finding it!