Cleaned up

Craig #1, Ida, Eric working on the Primrose staircase on spring cleanup day. Photo by Craig #2.

Ida is THE neighborhood gardener. Eric got promoted to garbage bag carrier.

We left calling cards this time ... which will compost in time...

I noticed on the Empress staircase that someone is tossing perennials onto the foot of the slope. Not planting them, just tossing them. I tried to stick several in the stoney ground by scooping out hollows and adding some dirt. I wonder if the donor taught his kids to swim by tossing them off the deep end of the pier on a stormy night.


  1. Umm, that would be me...

    They're beautiful perennials (some kind of heliotrope), but they overhang onto my stairs, so I took a foot of them out, and planted annuals along the edge. Even while I was planting, I would find a root, and just kinda chuck it over my shoulder, right at the stairs.


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