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Minutes, Feb 2010 meeting (DRAFT)

DCA Minutes,  3Feb 2010 Present: Archie Campbell,, Eric Darwin, Lori Mellor, David Seaborn, Charles Akben-Marchand,Ida Henderson,Diane Holmes, Jessica Sellars, Grace Xin,Zsofia Orosz, Doug Gablemann, Michael Hatfield, Maija Kagis, Phil Robinson, Craig Haines Minutes of January approved as presented, with typo correction Chinatown gateway arch – update by Grace Xin, of Chinatown BIA (CBIA) click to enlarge to see detail of gold painting Delcan is the Ottawa design consultant, with Chinese designers just completed their 2nd trip Construction begins in April. The whole structure will be precast concrete. The precasting of features may be done in a tented workshop behind Yangtze restaurant using handcarved wooden molds, then put on the concrete main frame. It will take two months to cast, then painting will take two months, altogether five to six months. There are a number of concerns regarding the use of residential land adjacent to houses on Cambridge for industrial