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DCA letter re Parking Restrictions, n.side of Albert

To: Diane Holmes, Ainsley Shepperd, NCC During Bluesfest in 2008 there was a lot of off-road parking on the greenspace that runs along the north side of Albert between Booth and City Centre Avenue. This was while the City's new multipurpose path/sidewalk and landscaping was still being installed. The land immediately along the north side of Albert Street is city owned, the land further north is NCC property. A chain link fence in the area may not reflect the ownership boundary. In 2009 the situation was much improved. With the hard work of Ainsley Shepherd and the active cooperation of the NCC, off-road parking was severely curtailed during Bluesfest. Parking on the grass and greenspace crept back during the Festival in the Park the following week. After the festivals, the area remained pleasantly green with minimal rutting and erosion. The Dalhousie Community Association is concerned that vigiliance and extra effort will have to be expended each and every year to protect thi

Somerset Streetscaping Plan

Somerset Street will undergo reconstruction starting in 2010 for the section from West Wellington Street (in Hintonburg, west side of the Otrain) to Preston Street. And in 2011 from Preston up the hill to Booth. This means major hole digging, new sewers, etc and streetscaping like wider sidewalks, pedestrian lighting, protected parking bays, etc. The consultant, Ron Clark from Delcan, gathered ideas at the DCA meeting on Dec. 2, 2009 and there is a opportunity for those keen on the subject to discuss the issues and solutions on Tuesday, Jan 12 at 7pm, room 36, Dal Centre at the corner of Empress/somerset.

DCA Minutes, Jan 6, 2010

Dalhousie Community Association Meeting January 6, 2010 Present: Michael Hatfield, Doug Gabelmann, Phil Robinson, Charles Akben-Marchand, Eric Darwin, David Seaborn, Archie Campbell, Maija Kagis, Zsofia Orosz Guests: Laura Bergen (councillor's office); from The Door: Malik Ayass, ED, Debbie Barton, Board member The minutes from December The minutes were approved as presented - Charles, seconded by Doug. The Door The Door is a youth drop-in centre that has been operating upstairs in the Dalhousie Community Centre for almost 16 years. Its open for youth 12-18 years and offers recreational, social, educational programs, Monday to Thursday 4-9PM – see attached documents for program details. Members provide a lot of input for the programming. There are many new Canadians among the members in particularly Karen, a growing community in Ottawa that sees The Door as a focal point for the youth. Thus English as a 2nd language is offered. They are working closely with local school