Letter re Demolition Control – 358 Arlington Avenue


755 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6R1

4 December 2009

Kalle Hakala
Planning and Growth Management Department
City of Ottawa

Dear Sir,

Re: Demolition Control – 358 Arlington Avenue (File D07-05-09-0008)

We are strongly opposed to the demolition of residential buildings without constructing replacement residential units.

We are unaware of any good planning circumstances at this address that would make demolition a benefit to the neighbourhood. To the contrary, a vacant lot will:

• have a negative effect on the cohesiveness of the neighbourhood and streetscape,

• constitute a loss of much needed affordable housing,

• be contrary to the OP requirement for intensification, and

• allow the disruption caused by the truck deliveries at the adjacent restaurant, to extend further into the neighbourhood to the west.

Demolition should not occur until a building permit is issued for replacement housing.

Yours truly,

Eric Darwin, President
Dalhousie Community Association

cc: Councillor Diane Holmes