DCA Agenda Nov 4, 2009

The next meeting of the DCA will be on Nov 4 at the Dalhousie Community Centre at the corner of Somerset St and Empress at 7.30pm. Meeting room is on the ground floor, last room on the right. Everyone welcome.


1. Minutes: Do previous minutes to be adopted or did our new procedure to adopt minutes via email within a week after meeting for timely posting to web site eliminate this step. Confirm our procedure.

2. Does anyone on the Board actually go to our web/blog site?

Guest – none scheduled.


1. CCC (Ida)

2. DOTT /LRT – Eric will bring some pictures of proposed stations. He will circulate draft DCA response to City on current plan before the meeting. To limit amount of time spent on explanation in the meeting, you can find out more about the plans in our neighborhood at www.WestSideAction.blogspot.com

3. Booth St traffic detour concerns – no response on bike concerns

4. Dal South traffic study meeting followup report (Eric)

Planning & Development

1. Expansion of Chinese Alliance Church on Eccles – followup from last month, Eric and Maija met with parish.

2. Other?

Environment and Recreation

1. PPRA report. Rink boards are there now.

2. Dominican Gardens & parks update (Sean)

3. Bluesfest followup planning meeting report.

4. Anne will be attending the CAFES meeting in November 14th, and would love company.

5. Community Celebration 2010, nominate PPRA for award?

Community Safety & Property Standards

1. The Buzz

Councillor’s Report

Other business