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La Roma Restuarant Patio

the new sidewalk will extend out as far as the striped pilon, lots of room for a front patio proposed rear deck patio faces residences  Letter from DCA to the Committee of Adjustment regarding an application from LaRoma restaurant for a rear deck on the second floor to be a public patio; Aug 13 The Dalhousie Community Association wishes to express serious concerns regarding the application for a rear deck. The intent of the patio by-law is to protect residential areas from noise and disturbance. Norman St residents won't be so protected, as there is no fence and no significant solid or high obstructions between the restuarant and residenial uses. Since the deck is at a significant elevation above ground level, the sound of voices, chatter, and clinking glassware will carry easily to nearby residential properties which include families with children. The application fails that required test for a minor variance. If the patio would have an "adverse" effect then it