Meeting Minutes, July 8, 2009

 Present: Eric Darwin, Archie Campbell, Ida Henderson, Maija Kajis, Michael Hatfield, Emily Watkins, Jessica Sellars, Ann Cavlovic, Zsofia Orosz

Guests: Francis Dubois (Darwin), Grace Xin (of Chinatown BIA)

Minutes of June meeting

The minutes were accepted as presented – moved by Maija, seconded by Michael.

LRT Maintenance Site

Eric circulated information in advance to this recent meeting. The City's first choice would be a location on St Laurent, 2nd is Bayview - the facility requires around 20 acres. The LRT meeting had a low turnout. Hintonburg and DCA to send letters of opposition to the Bayview site.

Infill on Pamilla

The proposal is to build 2x3 storey townhouses on a severed space, plus an apartment across the top. There would be 2 parking spot on the back. DCA sent a letter of opposition after a meeting held at Pub Italia. Cte of Adjustment meeting is today, both Ann and Eric made presentations opposing the plan as, though the proposal meets zoning requirements, it is way too big for the available space. Emily to find out about how to get our area on the list of neighbourhood planning initiative – this mechanism is to be discussed at the next DCA meeting.


A neigbourhood in Gatineau trying to get a coalition about noise response. Currently, complaints can be logged through 311 but the method to measure noise levels is inadequate. The DCA will work with councillors and city health officer to review bylaw and its enforcement (including measuring), as well as the exemption given to Bluesfest (2x noise level of other festivals' allowance) – Eric to write to councillor's office.


Concerns have been raised about the current chair who may confuse his own planning ideas as those of the CCC. Next election is in September, if the situation does not improve or the chair is not replaced DCA to review membership.


City  did not fund or provide a grant for summer program as only 2 years of funding in a row is allowed. The program is around $15K to run. Swim voucher at Forward Avenue Family Shelter is delayed – “swim to survive” focus did not have sufficient staff.

Lindenhoff restaurant

This Preston Street restaurant wants to convert upstairs living space to restaurant use. DCA opposed the request citing the community design plan. No decision from owner yet whether they will go ahead with request or not.

Lorne Avenue

The section off Somerset is renamed Upper Lorne Place plus houses are renumbered, residents are not happy with this City decision.

Site remediation at Federal Government complex on Carling

This work is part of a regular program that uses federal funds to remove contaminated soil. Work will be around tall tower, Pam Connolly attended public meeting and discussed trucks' movement.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 and was followed by a lovely dinner in [ ]'s garden.