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DCA Comments on Bayview for LRT Maintenance Site, Offers Input on LRT Technology Issues

Letter from DCA to City of Ottawa re Study suggesting Bayview Maintenance Site for LRT: I attended the recent LRT technology forum and the maintenance facility briefing on behalf of the Dalhousie Community Association. The DCA represents the area from Bay St to Bayview, Ottawa River to Carling. The Association prefers the maintenance facility options for St Laurent. The DCA opposes the use of Bayview for the maintenance facility on the following grounds: 1. the land is extraordinarily well located for intense urban development at the junction of the east-west and north-south transit lines, including the POW link to Gatineau. It will be a severe underuse of the land to use it for a maintenace yard instead of a mixed use urban centre. 2. there will be noise and traffic impacts on adjacent residential neighborhoods, both existing and proposed. 3. the yard may negatively affect the development of a major, highly visible national site immediately east of the Bayview property, cu

Meeting Minutes, July 8, 2009

 Present: Eric Darwin, Archie Campbell, Ida Henderson, Maija Kajis, Michael Hatfield, Emily Watkins, Jessica Sellars, Ann Cavlovic, Zsofia Orosz Guests: Francis Dubois (Darwin), Grace Xin (of Chinatown BIA) Minutes of June meeting The minutes were accepted as presented – moved by Maija, seconded by Michael. LRT Maintenance Site Eric circulated information in advance to this recent meeting. The City's first choice would be a location on St Laurent, 2nd is Bayview - the facility requires around 20 acres. The LRT meeting had a low turnout. Hintonburg and DCA to send letters of opposition to the Bayview site. Infill on Pamilla The proposal is to build 2x3 storey townhouses on a severed space, plus an apartment across the top. There would be 2 parking spot on the back. DCA sent a letter of opposition after a meeting held at Pub Italia. Cte of Adjustment meeting is today, both Ann and Eric made presentations opposing the plan as, though the proposal meets zoning requirement

DCA Opposes Pamilla Street Infill

property owner wants to sever driveway into a separate 26'wide lot on which he would construct two townhouses, back to back, with a apartment bridging over top of both lower units Letter sent from Dalhousie Community Association To: Committee of Adjustment File # D08-02-09/A00130 & 131 124-126 Pamilla Street The Dalhousie Community Association (DCA) wishes to oppose the application on the grounds that 1. it is possible for the applicant to build in conformance with the zoning, on the new vacant lot, and 2. it does not comply with the official plan sec 2.5.1 (Compatibility and Community Design) and the Urban Design Guidelines for Low-Medium Density Infill Housing, and 3. the building proposed is not a minor variance, and 4. the proposed building is of a size that is not appropriate to the street, lacks amenity space, has too much impermeable surface, dwarfs the neighboring structures with bulk and shadow, and lacks snow storage. The DCA is familiar with the City’