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DCA Report for June, 2009

 by DCA Board members Eric Darwin & Ida Henderson The first regular monthly meeting of the new Board of Directors for the Dalhousie Community Association (DCA) was held June 3, 2009 at the Dalhousie Community Centre (DCC), corner of Empress and Somerset Streets. Councilor Diane Holmes’ office was represented by Laura Bergen, among other guests. An important agenda item was the election of the 2009/10 DCA executive . Archie Campbell had informed the Board that he would not seek re-election as President since his new duties as Chair of a provincial organization require too much of his time. The Board extended profound thanks to Archie for all the years he’s led and represented the DCA and expressed appreciation that he will remain an active Board member. The new officers are: Eric Darwin, President; Ida Henderson, Vice-President; Maija Kajis and Zsofia Orosz jointly, Secretary; and David Seaborn, Treasurer . Some of the other items discussed were: Arms Trade Fairs on Ci

DCA Supports Urban Tree Bylaw

Letter from DCA to City of Ottawa                                                                     June 8 , 2009 Planning and Environment Committee c/o Rob Tremblay 110 Laurier Avenue West Ottawa, ON, K1P 1J1 Dear Members of Council, On behalf of the Dalhousie Community Association I would like to express our strong support for the proposed Urban Tree Conservation by-law. As I am sure many are aware, the benefits of urban trees are numerous. Most importantly, urban forests help tremendously with energy conservation and carbon dioxide absorption. They can reduce our energy costs and even provide for insulation against noise. Essentially, they make our city a dynamic environment that people want to work, live and visit. Protecting existing woodlots in the outskirts of the city and preserving distinctive trees in our downtown neighbourhoods is the kind of action our city should be taking to protect our city’s tree canopy. That is why the Dalhousie

Meeting Minutes, June 3, 2009

 Present: Archie Campbell, Michael Hatfield, Jessica Scallen, Sean Darcy, Laura Bergen, Phil Robinson, Ida Henderson, Charles Abken-Marchand, Emily Watkins, David Seaborn, Eric Darwin, Maija Kagis, Martha Musgrove. The Minutes of the May meeting were adopted. New Agenda Items: July Meeting: will be on July 8th, at  [ ]. A short meeting will be followed by a potluck, with some coordination beforehand so that attendees bring a variety of foods. This is during the Bluesfest period, so the event has been located away from the noise and parking problems. August Meeting: only if necessary, on August 5th, a meeting will be called and the usual room has been reserved. Dominican Gardens : there will be a consultation meeting with city officials at city hall in Diane Holmes’s office on June 9th. Planning Committee : there is no committee of adjustment applications this month. The proposed project for Cambridge/Gladstone (the “yellow house” project) is back “on”. It is for seven narro