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Dalhousie AGM 2009

 The Dalhousie Community Association, representing residents west of Bay St in the centre town area and Somerset Ward , had its annual general meeting on May 11th at the Dalhousie Centre on Empress Street. The meeting was lively, friendly, and brief. Residents nibbled on cookies and (soft) drinks while Archie Campbell, outgoing President of the association and board member for 25 years (since the association was founded), gave a recap of the association accomplishments over the past year. Financial reports, membership review, and board nominations were expeditiously sped through. They were followed by a panel discussion on park space in the neighborhood. Doug Gabbleman, of the Plant Pool Recreation Assocation (PPRA ) which operates programs at the Plant Pool and Plouffe Park, reviewed the situation there and plans for park expansion to the west when the Federal lands become available for redevelopment. The situation with the Dominican lands was reviewed. The Dominican College on E

DCA Report for May, 2009

 Community representatives met for their May meeting at the Dalhousie Centre at the corner of Empress and Somerset. The next meeting will be June 3rd, everyone is welcome to come. A number of ongoing community issues were updated. We would like to see the City buy, for a park, the beautifully treed Dominican land currently for sale on Empress Street (this neighborhood has the lowest park space of any in the City). Confusion and rumors abound. It seems the Dominicans themselves may not be clear on their long term plans for their University facility and church on Empress. We decided to ask Councilor Diane Holmes to direct staff to contact the college again and confirm back that discussions are proceeding. We are anxious that the issue not be “lost” or forgotten about in the civic or religious bureaucracy. The City’s  Official Plan Review  continues. In conjunction with the Federation of Community Associations, we raised two issues: we want the city to hold the line on the expansion