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DOTT - DCA Input March 2009

 Submitted by Eric Darwin on behalf of the Dalhousie Community Association. This commentary is in response to the public open house held Feb.26, 2009 and the briefing by Dennis Gratton to centretown associations on March 10, 2009. Comments are roughly ordered as in the comment sheet provided by the DOTT team. Tunney’s Pasture Station: Our preference is for a Parallel station design, ie north of the transitway. The volume of buses will be huge, and in place for an undetermined number of years or decades. In Ottawa, and for transit plans, ‘temporary’ can often turn into ‘forever’. It is important to get the buses off the street and into a contained area away from cycle and pedestrian traffic. Noise barriers and landscaping is also possible if the bus lay-by areas are off Scott Street. This will be a major transfer station; we do not see any other major stations such as Baseline, Hurdman, or Lincoln Fields built on the shoulder of a busy road with adjacent residential land uses. B