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DOTT - BUZZ article Feb 2009

Implementing the LRT – Impacts on Dalhousie Eric Darwin – 4 Feb 2009 - adapted from the BUZZ article The public attention has been focused on recent service disruptions to Ottawa transit service. Meanwhile, planning continues on the light rail transit (LRT) Downtown Ottawa Transit Tunnel (DOTT) study. The study team has identified a number of route options, station designs, and operational choices. These will be presented to the public at an open house to be held probably in the next month. The original meeting scheduled for January 29th was postponed due to the transit strike. Late in 2008 city council authorized the DOTT planning group to expand the scope of the study further west from Bayview Station to Tunney’s Pasture and Holland Avenue. As a result of extending the first phase LRT to Tunney’s, it is highly likely that most bus users travelling between the downtown and west end will change between buses and the LRT at a transfer station to be built at Tunney’s Pasture. Th