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What is the Dalhousie Community Association?

[For current information, please visit the About Us page] --- The Dalhousie Community Association - DCA - represents residents in the area bounded by Bay Street to the east; Bayview Station / OTrain line to the west; the Ottawa River to the north; and Carling Avenue to the south. This area was Dalhousie Ward before it was joined to Centretown Ward a few years ago, which combined  become the new Somerset Ward. The association is made up of volunteers. Meetings are once a month, on the first Wednesday, at the Dalhousie Community Centre - DCC - at the corner of Empress/Somerset. Free Parking, Number 2 bus route. We meet on the ground floor, last door to the right, at 7.30pm til 9pm. You are welcome to come  ! The President is Eric Darwin, . The DCA was founded 25 years ago (1984) and two founding members are still active in the association: Archie Campbell, who for many years was President, has been active in the association for all 25 years; an