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Reply from NCC re Bayview Rapidbus letter of 9 Nov.

This message is sent on behalf of Marie Lemay, Chief Executive Officer, National Capital Commission. Mr. Eric Darwin President Dalhousie Community Association E-mail: Dear Mr. Darwin: Thank you for your correspondence of November 9, 2009, in which you express the concerns of your Association on the possibility of having an intermodal rapid transit station located at Bayview, as part of the Rapibus Transit initiative. As you are probably aware, the NCC is leading the ongoing joint Interprovincial Transit Integration Strategic Planning Study. This joint study aims to recommend the most suitable and feasible strategies for seamless and efficient integration of interprovincial transit and is examining a number of routing options as an effective means of improving interprovincial transit as well as various infrastructure options to accommodate growth in transportation and transit demand. These different infrastructure options are based on the assumpti

DCA Supports Cornerstone Housing for Women

The DCA is proud to be supporting the addition of supportive women's housing units at the Cornerstone Project, to be constructed starting in March 2010 on Booth St corner of Eccles, site of the old Loeb grocery store. Councilor Holmes, Royal Galipeau MP, Jim Watson, MPP, Sue Garvey of Cornerstone, Yasir Naqvi MP. Present but not in the picture: Clive Doucet, Mayor OBrien, Grace Xin (Chinatown BIA), about 60 volunteers and friends that turned out to get the project launched. Thanks to the hosts, Somerset West Community Health Centre. Royal Galipeau and Sue Garvey with the Olympic Flame that made a surprise visit to the launch. Yasir Naqvi, Diane Holmes, Anthony Leaning architect, Sue Garvey of Cornerstone, Eric Darwin representing the DCA

Green Bin Starts soon

The new green bin recycling program for organic waste starts in January. Now is the time to start loading it up with food scraps, peelings, etc. This video tells you more...

DCA Minutes Dec 2, 2009

DCA Meeting and Christmas Dinner December 2, 2009 Location: Vietnamese Palace Present: Charles Akben-Marchand, Michael Hatfield, Ida Henderson, Eric Darwin, Craig S. Haynes, Doug Gableman, Ann Cavlovic, David Seaborn, Jessica Sellars, Maija Kagis, Zsofia Orosz Guests: Diane Holmes, Laura Bergen, Lori Mellor, Grace Xim, Max Ross, Ron Clarke, Carol Sissons Somerset Street reconstruction Max Ross of the City (Infrastructure services) and Ron Clarke of Delcan presented the process for the upcoming reconstruction (roads, sewers, water) of Somerset. This is the continuation of the reconstruction started on Wellington from Island Park, stage 3 will be in 2010 Spadina-Preston, stage 4, Preston-Booth in 2011. For the proposed planning and consultation process see attached document. A number of issues were highlighted by DCA members during the review of the street plan present. These included expansion of pavement on over the O-Train, bike lane marking, inclusion in the East-West

Letter re Site Plan Control – 314 Booth Street

THE DALHOUSIE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION 755 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6R1 2 December 2009 Lorraine Stevens Planning and Growth Management Department City of Ottawa Dear Ms. Stevens, Re: Site Plan Control – 314 Booth Street (File D07-12-09-0192) We have reviewed the drawings circulated and have the following comments Parking Lot There are no improvements indicated for this piece of the project which contains the required parking for the new building at 314 Booth Street. However we understand that the Committee of Adjustment’s decision on the minor variances required for this project required that this parking lot also be subject to site plan control. This parking lot is an eyesore. Although there are 5 modest trees in the boulevard along Booth, the battered chain link fencing enclosing the lot provides no screening along Booth and the lot is wide open along Eccles. We recommend that: • A tree be planted south of stall(HC) #1 • That the driveway cut i

Letter re Demolition Control – 358 Arlington Avenue

THE DALHOUSIE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION 755 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6R1 4 December 2009 Kalle Hakala Planning and Growth Management Department City of Ottawa Dear Sir, Re: Demolition Control – 358 Arlington Avenue (File D07-05-09-0008) We are strongly opposed to the demolition of residential buildings without constructing replacement residential units. We are unaware of any good planning circumstances at this address that would make demolition a benefit to the neighbourhood. To the contrary, a vacant lot will: • have a negative effect on the cohesiveness of the neighbourhood and streetscape, • constitute a loss of much needed affordable housing, • be contrary to the OP requirement for intensification, and • allow the disruption caused by the truck deliveries at the adjacent restaurant, to extend further into the neighbourhood to the west. Demolition should not occur until a building permit is issued for replacement housing. Yours truly, Eri

Fall Clean up day

The DCA participates in the City's clean up days. Our focus is usually around the Dal Community Centre at Empress/Somerset, including the stair-streets over Nanny Goat Hill. A number of participants commented on how many pedestrians, dog-walkers, and passers-by thanked them for the tidy up efforts. Participants included Linda, Archie, Eric, Ida, Craig (the event organizer), Yasir, Jeannine, Maija... (let me know if I missed any names and I'll add them...). Shown below is Yasir Naqvi, MPP, and a resident with their booty. Volunteers sported fashionable work gloves supplied by the City .

DCA meeting Dec 2nd

DCA Agenda Dec 2, 2009, 6.15pm at Vietnam Palace restaurant on Somerset between Booth and Rochester. First 45 minutes on the agenda; then dinner (pay your own way or split with immediate table mates). Minutes – approve November minutes Communication 1. Timeliness of web presence Guest – Ron Clark, Delcan (to be confirmed) Somerset between Preston and the OTrain is to be reconstructed in 2010. The City wants to set up a stakeholders group. Here are some of the key issues to be considered: • Leave Somerset 4 lanes at the intersection or make it 3 lanes as was done on Preston and West Wellington this year? • Location of bus stop by May’s restaurant (NW corner of Preston) • Extending the short bike lane now at the crest of the hill • Décor, look and feel: like the new Preston? Like Somerset West of OTrain? Like the new Somerset east of the intersection (scheduled for rebuilding in 2011)? • East meets west: Piazza Marco Polo? Transportation 1. CCC (Ida) 2. DOTT

Dalhousie Report, November 2009

by Ida Henderson, Vice-President, Dalhousie Comunity Association November 13, 2009 The Dalhousie Community Association’s (DCA) Board of Directors met November 4 at the Dalhousie Community Centre (DCC). Councillor Diane Holmes also attended the meeting. Some of the main items discussed were: 314 Booth Street (former Desjardins IGA/Loeb site) update Cornerstone’s plans to build a four-storey apartment building with 42 studio apartments (20 for senior women and 22 for women needing affordable housing) at Eccles and Booth Streets were successful at the Committee of Adjustment. The vacant building is one step closer to being transformed to a new residential feature. (Cornerstone is a Community Ministry of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa which provides emergency shelter and safe, affordable housing for women in Ottawa.) Fall clean-up (October 17) Board members were joined by neighbours and MPP Yasir Naqvi in their efforts to control the litter on our streets, parkin

DCA Comments on DOTT

The DCA offered the following detailed comments on the most recent proposals for the Downtown Ottawa Transit Tunnel (DOTT), its stations, and impacts on the Dalhousie Community: Dennis Gratton City of Ottawa re DCA comments on DOTT  The Dalhousie Community Association represents the area from Bay Street to Bayview, from the Ottawa River to Carling. It is named for the former Dalhousie Ward that covered the same area. The Dalhousie Community Association reiterates its support for a comprehensive LRT system. LeBreton Station, Booth Street: This will be the main station for our community west of the escarpment. We like: • The station location under an elevated Booth Street is good. • that a permanent station building is shown as part of the station at construction time. We do not want temporary station facilities or bus shelters. • the platform waiting area roof structure forms part of the eventual ground level on the south side of the station. Improvement Wanted:

No Rapibus at Bayview, Please

The following is a letter sent by the DCA to Marie Lemay, chief executive officer of the NCC: Marie Lemay Chief Executive Officer National Capital Commission                                        9 Nov 2009 Re: Interprovincial Transit Study & Rapibus, Bayview Station, Prince of Wales Bridge The Dalhousie Community Association represents the Ottawa neighborhoods located from Bay Street to Bayview; from the Ottawa River to Carling Avenue. We note with alarm that it is proposed that a Rapibus station and marshalling yard be constructed on the Bayview/LeBreton Flats development lands. We feel the Bayview Yard and LeBreton Flats lands, closely proximate to the downtown, are best used for dense urban development according to smart growth and transit-oriented-development principles. Low value uses, such as bus storage and marshalling facilities, are inappropriate. The City of Gatineau has opted for a BRT transit system which could later be converted to LRT, much li

DCA Agenda Nov 4, 2009

The next meeting of the DCA will be on Nov 4 at the Dalhousie Community Centre at the corner of Somerset St and Empress at 7.30pm. Meeting room is on the ground floor, last room on the right. Everyone welcome. Communication 1. Minutes: Do previous minutes to be adopted or did our new procedure to adopt minutes via email within a week after meeting for timely posting to web site eliminate this step. Confirm our procedure. 2. Does anyone on the Board actually go to our web/blog site? Guest – none scheduled. Transportation 1. CCC (Ida) 2. DOTT /LRT – Eric will bring some pictures of proposed stations. He will circulate draft DCA response to City on current plan before the meeting. To limit amount of time spent on explanation in the meeting, you can find out more about the plans in our neighborhood at 3. Booth St traffic detour concerns – no response on bike concerns 4. Dal South traffic study meeting followup report (Eric) Planning &am

La Roma Restuarant Patio approved

The Committe of Adjustment (CofA) approved the use of a small rear deck as an outdoor patio at La Roma restuarant on Preston Street. The DCA had submitted concerns to the CofA that the patio, which faces residences, whould be bothersome and that there was plenty of room for a front patio with the new widened sidewalks along Preston. The sidewalks were widened, at the price of removing parking, specifically to permit front yard patios that animate the street environment. The 12 set patio approval was conditional on building a new, higher fence and restricting the stairs to emergency use only.

DCA Supports Cornerstone Project, 343 Booth

The DCA supports the Cornerstone housing project at 343 Booth Street (site of the former Desjardins IGA / Loeb grocery store). To Committee of Adjustment File# D08-02-09/A-00273 Cornerstone Project, 343 Booth Street The Dalhousie Community Association has been briefed by the proponent as to the description of their project and its social purpose. The Association wishes to express its support for this housing initiative as meeting a need in the neighborhood. We were also favorably impressed by the design and exterior detailing of the building, which should fit in well with the neighborhood and improve the appearance of Booth Street and help animate the neighborhood. With respect to the variances required, we support the variance required for the verandah/smoking area on the Eccles side of the building. We also agree that the project residents are unlikely to own vehicles and that the parking requirements for residents should be waived or drastically reduced. -- Eri

DCA Minutes, Oct 7, 2009

Present : Maija Kagis, Michael Hatfield, Charles Akben-Marchand, Ida Henderson, Sean Darcy, Archie Campbell, Eric Darwin, Zsofia Orosz, Phil Robinson Guests: Brett Ruskin (Centretown News), Martha Musgrove, Sue Garrey, Jane Ironside, Bill Prentice, Anthony Leaning, Suzanne Harding, Lori Mellor, Linda McQuarrie Approval of Agenda The agenda was approved as presented by Eric at the meeting (slightly changed from the one circulated electronically). Approval of Minutes of September and Change in Procedure Minutes of Sept meeting were approved with one correction to the Chinatown web address. It was also approved that the minutes be circulated in about a week after the meeting, for approval electronically. This would allow their posting on the DCA blogspot before the next meeting. Moved by Archie, seconded by Maija. Presentation by Cornerstone re: 314 Booth Street building proposal The proposal is to erect a 4 storey apartment building to offer affordable housing for lo

DCA Report for Oct 2009

by Ida Henderson, Vice-President, Dalhousie Community Association The Dalhousie Community Association’s (DCA) Board of Directors met October 7, 2009 at the Dalhousie Community Centre (DCC). Guests included Lori Mellor, Executive Director of the Preston Street Business Improvement Area (BIA); from Cornerstone Housing for Women: Sue Garvey (Director), Rev. Bill Prentice, Jane Ironside, architect Anthony Leaning, neighbour Suzanne Harding; and Linda McQuarrie from Councillor Diane Holmes’ office. Some of the main items discussed were: 314 Booth Street (former Desjardins IGA/Loeb site)Sue introduced Cornerstone’s plans to build a four-storey apartment building with 42 studio apartments (including kitchen facilities and bathrooms), 20 for senior women and 22 for women needing affordable housing, at Eccles and Booth Streets. (Cornerstone is a Community Ministry of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa which, since 1984, has been providing emergency shelter and safe, affordable housing for wo

DCA Agenda Oct 7, 2009

Meeting is at 7,.30pm at the Dal community centre, corner Empress and Somerset, ground floor, last door to the right by the pop machines. Everyone welcome. Communication 1. Minutes: Previous minutes to be adopted. Discuss new procedure to adopt minutes via email within a week after meeting for timely posting to web site. Discuss response to web presence by members and public here or under item Communication. Guest 1. Presentation for a proposal for senior’s housing at 314 Booth Street, the former Desjardins IGA/Loeb site. A four storey building, 40 units. (to be confirmed) Transportation 1. CCC – report & new executive (Ida) 2. BikeWest – info sheet sent out with Agenda. Discuss now or next meeting? (Eric) 3. Little Italy wayfinding signs (Lori) 4. Booth St traffic detour concerns 5. re DOTT and Albert Street planning studies. (Eric will follow up with Councilor’s office) Planning & Development 1. Domicile on Spruce Street 2. Sage developments on

DCA Pres. Speaks at Red Friday Rally

MP Paul Dewar spoke at the opening Red Friday Rally for the FestivAsia celebrations in Dalhousie's Chinatown.  MP Royal Galipeau was also welcomed the crowd. The DCA president welcomes attendees on behalf of the neighborhoods surrounding Chinatown.

Construction Notice - Booth at Albert / Old Wellington

September 28, 2009 Dear Resident/Owner: Re: West End Regulator Upgrade The firm of Taggart Construction Ltd has been engaged by the City of Ottawa to carry out the reconstruction the West End Regulators, the main site that is located at the intersection of Booth Street and Old Wellington Street. In addition there will be some additional works on the adjacent Transitway as well as the intersection of Old Wellington Street and Brickhill Street. It is proposed that work on the Regulators will commence in October 2009, with a completion of the project by the end of July 2010. It should be noted that the alignment of Booth Street between the Transitway and Albert Street would be shifted to the west to facilitate the construction of the regulator at Booth and Old Wellington. Two lanes of traffic will be maintained on Booth Street in each direction throughout the construction period. Due to spatial constraints associated with Booth Street alignment shift, the sidewalk on the east s

Rally on Red Friday

There will be a rally on Friday Oct 2 at Dundonald Park in support of the families of Cdn troops. Here is a press release: FestivAsia Celebrates Red Fridays OTTAWA –FestivAsia, in partnership with the Canadian Forces, will formally kick off this year’s festival on Friday, October 2nd, with a Red Rally at Dundonald Park (Somerset Street W. between Lyon & Bay Street). This is an opportunity for the Asian community and the Canadian Forces to show their appreciation and support for each other. Vice-Admiral Dean McFadden, Commander Maritime Command and the Canadian Forces Champion for Visible Minorities, will be present at the Red Rally from noon to 1 p.m. Other Canadian Forces members will also take part. FestivAsia is a diverse cultural celebration organized by the Ottawa Chinatown Business Improvement Area and its partnering organizations. It is an event contributing to the local and regional economies through increased tourism and its vibrant merchants activities. It also act

Committee of Adjustment / Minor Variance applications

The committee of adjustment meets on Oct 7th to consider two applications in Dalhousie Ward. If either of these concern you, please let us know immediately. The mixed use property shown above, located at the corner of Somerset and Rochester, wishes to use ground floor store fronts for office space. There are a number of vacant store fronts along Somerset, and these units have been vacant for at least one year, maybe two, since the building was constructed. This building at 18 Louisa, between LeBreton and Bell,  is part of the former St Agnes school and is now a social centre associated with a nearby church. The application is to permit tandem parking (two cars on one space, so the first car cannot leave until the second one does) which may already be in place for those spaces under the gym room (the part of the building shown on stilts) or along the fence.

On-Going Activities at the DCA

The DCA constantly reacts to on-going events that originate in the community, and to outside agencies that have plans that affect the community, and to new developments. There is a continuous stream of Committe of Adjustment applications, Zoning changes, and development applications to examine. We also have a number of on-going activities. These are not formally set up as (sub)committees - we are too small for that. But rather enthusiastic fellow residents get involved in an issue and follow up on it and keep the rest of informed. Through this blog, we hope to keep more residents informed. Here are some of the on-going interests: - participating in the Carling-Bayview Community Design Plan. This study was well underway when it was aborted by the City, but we lobby to get it reactivated, and it now appears it will resume within the next few months. It will shape future development along the OTrain corridor. -DOTT - the Downtown Ottawa Transit Tunnel and the LRT project from Tunn

Meeting Minutes, Sept 2, 2009

 Present: Charles Akben-Marchand, Eric Darwin, Archie Campbell, Ida Henderson, Ann Cavlovic, Emilie Hayes, Fauza Mohamed, Jessica Scallen, Laura Bergen, Rachel Pereira, Phil Robinson, David Seaborn, Grace Xin. 1. Minutes of July Meeting: accepted with two minor corrections, moved by Archie and seconded by Ann. 2. Guest Speaker: Emilie Hayes spoke of the Community Development Framework. The process provides a community animator/facilitator and a process for identifying needs in a particular smaller community area. The first focus is on the Rochester Heights housing complex (Gladstone and Booth) and next year may expand to the City Living housing along Albert Street. David Seaborn volunteered to attend their bi-monthly steering committee. Fauza Mohamed spoke of the Rochester Heights community house, a single townhouse that has been converted to a small community centre for the immediate neighborhood. It offers various programs and a place to meet for residents of the Heights. 3.

Lansdowne Park Live / redevelopment, 8 Sept 2009

Letter sent from the DCA to: Larry.OBrien, Georges.Bedard, Michel.Bellema., Rainer.Bloess, Glenn.Brooks, Rick.Chiarelli, Alex.Cullen, Diane.Deans, steve.desroches, Clive.Doucet, Eli.El-Chantiry, Peggy.Feltmate, Jan.Harder, Diane.Holmes, Peter.Hume, Gord.Hunter, Rob.Jellett, christine.lead., Jacques.Legend., Maria.Mcrae, bob.monette, shad.qadri, Doug.Thompson, marianne.wilki., friendsoflansd.  Dear members of Ottawa City Council, The Dalhousie Community Association prefers an open and public process to redevelop Lansdowne Park, which we do not see in the current Lansdowne Live proposal. Sincerely, Eric Darwin President Dalhousie Community Association

La Roma Restuarant Patio

the new sidewalk will extend out as far as the striped pilon, lots of room for a front patio proposed rear deck patio faces residences  Letter from DCA to the Committee of Adjustment regarding an application from LaRoma restaurant for a rear deck on the second floor to be a public patio; Aug 13 The Dalhousie Community Association wishes to express serious concerns regarding the application for a rear deck. The intent of the patio by-law is to protect residential areas from noise and disturbance. Norman St residents won't be so protected, as there is no fence and no significant solid or high obstructions between the restuarant and residenial uses. Since the deck is at a significant elevation above ground level, the sound of voices, chatter, and clinking glassware will carry easily to nearby residential properties which include families with children. The application fails that required test for a minor variance. If the patio would have an "adverse" effect then it

DCA Comments on Bayview for LRT Maintenance Site, Offers Input on LRT Technology Issues

Letter from DCA to City of Ottawa re Study suggesting Bayview Maintenance Site for LRT: I attended the recent LRT technology forum and the maintenance facility briefing on behalf of the Dalhousie Community Association. The DCA represents the area from Bay St to Bayview, Ottawa River to Carling. The Association prefers the maintenance facility options for St Laurent. The DCA opposes the use of Bayview for the maintenance facility on the following grounds: 1. the land is extraordinarily well located for intense urban development at the junction of the east-west and north-south transit lines, including the POW link to Gatineau. It will be a severe underuse of the land to use it for a maintenace yard instead of a mixed use urban centre. 2. there will be noise and traffic impacts on adjacent residential neighborhoods, both existing and proposed. 3. the yard may negatively affect the development of a major, highly visible national site immediately east of the Bayview property, cu

Meeting Minutes, July 8, 2009

 Present: Eric Darwin, Archie Campbell, Ida Henderson, Maija Kajis, Michael Hatfield, Emily Watkins, Jessica Sellars, Ann Cavlovic, Zsofia Orosz Guests: Francis Dubois (Darwin), Grace Xin (of Chinatown BIA) Minutes of June meeting The minutes were accepted as presented – moved by Maija, seconded by Michael. LRT Maintenance Site Eric circulated information in advance to this recent meeting. The City's first choice would be a location on St Laurent, 2nd is Bayview - the facility requires around 20 acres. The LRT meeting had a low turnout. Hintonburg and DCA to send letters of opposition to the Bayview site. Infill on Pamilla The proposal is to build 2x3 storey townhouses on a severed space, plus an apartment across the top. There would be 2 parking spot on the back. DCA sent a letter of opposition after a meeting held at Pub Italia. Cte of Adjustment meeting is today, both Ann and Eric made presentations opposing the plan as, though the proposal meets zoning requirement

DCA Opposes Pamilla Street Infill

property owner wants to sever driveway into a separate 26'wide lot on which he would construct two townhouses, back to back, with a apartment bridging over top of both lower units Letter sent from Dalhousie Community Association To: Committee of Adjustment File # D08-02-09/A00130 & 131 124-126 Pamilla Street The Dalhousie Community Association (DCA) wishes to oppose the application on the grounds that 1. it is possible for the applicant to build in conformance with the zoning, on the new vacant lot, and 2. it does not comply with the official plan sec 2.5.1 (Compatibility and Community Design) and the Urban Design Guidelines for Low-Medium Density Infill Housing, and 3. the building proposed is not a minor variance, and 4. the proposed building is of a size that is not appropriate to the street, lacks amenity space, has too much impermeable surface, dwarfs the neighboring structures with bulk and shadow, and lacks snow storage. The DCA is familiar with the City’

DCA Report for June, 2009

 by DCA Board members Eric Darwin & Ida Henderson The first regular monthly meeting of the new Board of Directors for the Dalhousie Community Association (DCA) was held June 3, 2009 at the Dalhousie Community Centre (DCC), corner of Empress and Somerset Streets. Councilor Diane Holmes’ office was represented by Laura Bergen, among other guests. An important agenda item was the election of the 2009/10 DCA executive . Archie Campbell had informed the Board that he would not seek re-election as President since his new duties as Chair of a provincial organization require too much of his time. The Board extended profound thanks to Archie for all the years he’s led and represented the DCA and expressed appreciation that he will remain an active Board member. The new officers are: Eric Darwin, President; Ida Henderson, Vice-President; Maija Kajis and Zsofia Orosz jointly, Secretary; and David Seaborn, Treasurer . Some of the other items discussed were: Arms Trade Fairs on Ci