About Us

The Dalhousie Community Association (DCA) represents residents of the former City of Ottawa's Dalhousie Ward, in the area bounded by:
  • Bay Street to the east
  • Bayview Station / O-Train line to the west
  • the Ottawa River to the north
  • Highway 417 to the south (east of Booth)
  • Carling Avenue to the south (west of Booth)
This area was Dalhousie Ward before it joined Wellington Ward in 1994, which combined became the Somerset Ward.

The DCA was founded in 1984 and is made up of volunteers. Two founding members are still active in the association: Archie Campbell, who for many years was president, has been active in the association for all 25 years; and Eric Darwin, who has also served as president. The current president is Michael Powell (2013-2018).
Several committees and groups have grown out of the DCA and now operate autonomously, including the Plant Pool Recreation Association and the Dalhousie Safety Committee.

The DCA, in conjunction with the Centretown Citizens Community Association,  jointly own and operate The Centretown BUZZ, a community-run newspaper with a circulation of 10,000. The papers are delivered by volunteers from the DCA and the CCCA, and most of the content comes from the community as well.

The DCA (mostly Ida ) plants and maintains the garden in front of the DCC facing Somerset Street (shown above), and a new smaller garden at the corner of Lorne/Somerset.

Old hands and new hands work well together to make a better community. Your hands are welcome to join ours.