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March newsletter

The DCA continues to monitor several major developments in the neighbourhood. With the potential for thousands of new residents and visitors to the area, there are concerns over the cumulative effect of these projects. Large residential projects are underway at Lebreton East, 900 Albert, Gladstone Village, Rochester Heights, and the Booth Complex. Other large scale developments include the new Central Library, Lebreton Flats, and just to the south of Dalhousie, the new Civic Hospital Campus.

The Ottawa Hospital is moving forward with a community engagement process for the construction of the new Civic Campus. This will include the usual opportunities for online and in-person engagement, and will also include a new campus engagement group that will follow the process over the next three years. The DCA looks forward to participating in the process and encourages construction of a facility that integrates well into the neighbourhood.

Claridge has released revised plans for the redevelopme…

February newsletter

The DCA continues to monitor several major developments in the neighbourhood. Members continue to actively participate in consultations and open houses, and send letters to public and private officials to voice concerns and provide suggestions.

The 900 Albert development is moving forward, though the actual design of the buildings has not been finalized. The developer will be presenting an update at a public open house on February 21st at 6:00 PM at St. Anthony’s Hall. The DCA remains concerned about the south side of the building, which up to now is without any activity beyond truck traffic.

The segment of the 417 that crosses the O-Train tracks and Trillium multi-use pathway (MUP) will be replaced. The proposed replacement bridges are shorter in length than the existing structure and will be inserted using rapid replacement technologies. This will require some detours, affecting both Preston St. and the Trillium MUP. A public information session will be held on Thursday February 22 f…

January newsletter

In 2018, our Dalhousie neighbourhood will continue to grow and evolve. Development proposals are in the works for 770 Somerset St. W. and two parcels of land at 440 and 444 Bronson Ave. An eight-storey, 148-unit building is planned at 811 Gladstone Ave., between Booth and Rochester streets. This is a redevelopment of one section of Ottawa Community Housing’s Rochester Heights, and will be a mixed-income building to be completed by spring 2020.

Representatives from Ottawa Health and Bruy√®re Continuing Care delivered a presentation to the DCA Board on the new provincial smoke-free hospital regulations. As of January 1, 2018 there are no longer designated smoking areas on any hospital property. While the number of smokers at Saint-Vincent’s Hospital is low, concerns were raised about smokers moving to the sidewalk or adjacent residential properties. The hospital stated its commitment to work closely with neighbourhood groups should any problems arise because of the new legislation.

Winter …