Albert St. Reconstruction Open House: What you need to know

Albert St. will begin it's (long!) reconstruction process in early May. This will involve a total replacement of sewers and water mains, construction of a temporary transitway for during the LRT construction (though we are working to minimize this!), and ultimately a final reconstruction in after 2018 for a permanent design.

The city will be holding an open house on April 8th from 5-7 PM at the Dalhousie Community Centre to highlight what will be happening during the sewer reconstruction and the post-2018 design. 2018 may seem like a long ways away, but the decisions for what will be built then are being made today. It's important that you make your voice heard.

The DCA has been participating in the consultations on this project for sometime. We've put together a handy sheet of our key thoughts that will hopefully help frame yours.

Please let us know what you think!