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DCA Supports Creating New Park on OCDSB Ottawa Technical High School Lands

Tonight, the Ottawa Carleton District School Board wil consider a motion tonight that effectively confirms 2008's Escarpment Area Plan. In that plan, the OCDSB would pass over the former playing fields to the city to create a new park and would be given permission to redevelop the rest of the site for mixed-use. The DCA supports this. Below is our letter to the OCDSB board to that effect. Ottawa Technical High School Park Space Plan

Claridge "Icon" (505 Preston St) Planning Committee Comments

The condo boom in Little Italy continues! On Tuesday, Ottawa City Planning Committee will consider an application for a tall tower at the corner of Preston and Carling. Claridge's "Icon" would be, at least for a little while, the tallest building in the city. You can read the staff report recommending approving the development here.  As you can read below, the DCA has a number of concerns about the implementation of the building, how funds used to improve the community ("Section 37") are being apportioned, and the need for a more comprehensive strategy to improve the neighbourhoods public realm. DCA "Icon" (505 Preston St) Planning Committee Comments