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Hickory Street Ped-Cyclist Bridge

The City is conducting an environmental assessment towards building a new pedestrian & cyclist bridge over the OTrain cut at Hickory Street. This will greatly improve access to the OTrain station at Carling, facilitate access from the east side to the Preston mainstreet, and help sell condos along Champagne. To this end, the developers are contributing a significant chunk of the money for the bridge. Here is the DCA letter to the city study team on the location and design of the bridge: Hickory Street Crossing The Dalhousie Community Association supports the prompt construction of ped-cyclist crossing of the OTrain cut in the vicinity of Hickory Street. Alignment: the Hickory – Adeline Street alignment is our preferred option. It is the most useful location for recreational, commuting, and other uses. We want to note that in addition to the north-south MUP on the east side of the OTrain cut, another one is proposed on the west side of the cut. The proposed developments at