street cleaning in our west side neighborhood


755 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6R1
Eric Darwin, President

8 April, 2012

Councillor Diane Holmes
Somerset Ward

At the April 4th board meeting of the Dalhousie Community Association, a number of members expressed great satisfaction at the promptness and thoroughness of the spring street cleaning in our neighborhood.

More than one member noted that the dead ends, street closures, and other difficult spots were cleaned promptly by crews with hand brooms working with considerable enthusiasm.

We realize that many citizens limit their interaction with the City to complaints. We plead guilty to too often focusing on the problems and not the successes.

But we did pass a unanimous motion thanking the city for the prompt cleaning this year and hope you can pass on our gratefulness to the appropriate department and crews. Their work was noticed and appreciated.


Eric Darwin,