Traffic signal wanted at Arlington/Bronson


755 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6R1

6 November, 2011

Councillor Diane Holmes
City of Ottawa

Re: Arlington & Bronson Traffic Control Signal

Dear Councillor,

In the process of reconstructing Bronson Avenue, a Traffic Control Signal should be incorporated into the design at Arlington Street. Our reasons are:

• There is no place to cross Bronson between Gladstone and The Queensway. This is a very heavily and aggressively travelled part of Bronson. To cross at any place other than a crosswalk is to take your life in your hands.

• There are some 15 wheelchair bound residents at 520 Bronson. Just to travel along the sidewalk on this major collector is dicey.

• Students of Glashan School living west of Bronson are risking their lives crossing at Arlington.

• While Flora Street, mid-way between Gladstone and The Queensway might seem more logical, Flora does not extend westward and therefore there is no connectivity for pedestrians or cyclists.

• Arlington Street provides an east-west connection to Bank Street and to Booth Street of great utility to both cyclists and pedestrians.

• While Catherine/The Queensway is only one block south, that intersection is a horror as a pedestrian crossing due to the high volumes of Queensway traffic and the resulting high speeds.

• In response to the argument that a new signal would be too close to Catherine Street, we draw your attention to the similar set of light at Arlington & Kent.

We urge you and your Council colleagues to request that this Traffic Control Signal be installed as part of the
reconstruction of Bronson slated for next year.

Yours truly,

Eric Darwin,
Dalhousie Community Association