Patio application on Booth Street


755 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6R1

6 November, 2011

Peter Gunstra
Senior By-law Administrator, West
ROW Development Review
City of Ottawa

Re: Outdoor Patio Application – 376 Booth Street

Dear Sir,

The Dalhousie Community Association is opposed to this patio extending along Willow St due to the exclusively residential nature of that street. Despite the presence of a few residential units on Booth St., the already high volume of traffic will mitigate the impact of a patio on those residents. So we are not opposed to a patio all along the Booth St. curb.

This approval is contingent on the usual 11pm closing, the absence of live or recorded music, and the absence of bright lighting.

Yours truly,

Eric Darwin,
Dalhousie Community Association

CC: Councillor Diane Holmes