Letter opposing more parking lots south of Gladstone

The Polish church on Louisa is planning to expand to the east, with a nice addition to the property. They are also asking to rezone a house across the street to permit it to be used as a parking lot. That entire block is under assault, with residential uses being squeezed out in favour of unlandscaped parking lots.


755 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6R1

11 July, 2011

Doug Bridgewater, City of Ottawa
Planning and Growth Management Dept.

Re: Zoning By-Law Amendment Proposal: 27 Louisa St.

Dear Sir,

Apologies for this late reply, but there has been no sign on the site and no notification until this week due to the Postal disruptions.

The Dalhousie Community Association is aware of the separate planning application for a proposed addition to the church building, and support that. However, we are opposed to this parking re-zoning for the following reasons:

• Using a residential as a parking lot is not in conformity with the purposes of the R4 zoning. Nor is it conducive to redevelopment and intensification of this and adjacent lots.

• Parking lots are detrimental to achieving sound low-rise residential neighbourhoods and have negative impact on nearby residential lots.

• The church already has a parking lot and will be adding 3 more spaces at their new addition. Half a dozen parking spaces is not going to significantly affect the parking demand created by church functions.

• In the past the church has sought to demolish the existing duplex and pave the entire lot. This application could be merely the first step towards realizing that goal.

• Permitting this application may create a moral precedent for the further erosion of this neighbourhood. We note that several other lots have already been turned into parking lots, reducing the viability of the remaining houses, and that this block is continually suffering attempts to expand parking lots. We do not want to encourage block busting practices.

We note that this application is for 6 spaces, whereas less than 5 can be accommodated on site. We oppose the use of the city boulevard for parking – it should be landscaped. If this rezoning is approved, there will be a right to add 1 or 2 spaces in the grassed rear yard, reducing the liveability of the house.

In summary, we see minimal benefit to the rezoning and numerous drawbacks for the site and adjacent neighbourhood. We therefore recommend dismissal of this application.

Eric Darwin, President
Dalhousie Community Association

Cc: Councillor Diane Holmes


  1. This is incorrect information that Eric Darwin posted on this blog. We St Hyacinth Polish Church is asking for an apology from the President and his Association immediately.
    Roger Furmanczyk
    President - St Hyacinth Parish Council
    President - Ottawa Polish Community

  2. August 01, 2011
    Eric Darwin President Dalhousie Community Assoc.
    We, the Polish St Hyacinth Church, do not agree with your comments you posted here. This is not dealing with a parking lot but few parking spaces for our weekend church services at the Polish Church across the street. The house at 27 Louisa Street is used as residental property with 6 parking spaces with what the City of Ottawa knows about. Every parking space helps for our polish church for the weekend. We have been in this area for over 54 years now; and owner of this property of 27 Louisa Street fo more than 20 years. We have been doing this over 20 years parking our cars for our polish ottawa residents and attending church weekend services. Where were you for the last 20 years? Your association does not even represent us as we have no members on your unelected Dalhousie Community Association. We look after ourself as it seems with a ward councillor Diane Holmes who has never shown herself to the Ottawa Polish Community and Polish Church. We have no plans to demolish the house at 27 Louisa Street or increase the number of spaces on the green grass which we need to have 30% green space if you knew the Ottawa bylaws. We have and are great neighbors with all surrounding residents. You, Eric Darwin & Association seem to be trouble makers and saying what you like behind our back and not inviting us to tell you the truth about our church,our parishioners and our polish community of 20,000. Do you only care it seems for the Italians (Little Italy) and the Chinese (China Town). We do not agree with your recommendation to dismiss our Zoning Application.
    Best Regards
    Roger Furmanczyk
    President St Hyacinth Parish Council and
    President Ottawa Polish Community.

  3. Well I am surprised by by the nice contribution and correction from the Mr Roger Furmanczyk.


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