DCA approves small-lot infill

A few posts back we noted the infill proposed for the corner of Preston and Norman. The proposed lot is tiny. There is no parking. Yet we wrote to the City to approve of it. Why?

First, the site is zoned six floors, and building something at three floors essentially preserves the site and buildings as low rise residential, in keeping with the Preston Street "village" plan, for the next 25 or 30 years.  Given the severe upzonings on small lots that the city is now approving, we decided to take what was offered today rather than risk something taller tomorrow.

As for parking, the lot curently has three or four off-street parking spaces. These spaces make parking on the street there impossible. Removing the 3 off-street private spaces opens up the curb line for two or three on-street spaces that will receive higher usage. So it is better use of scarce parking resources.

Finally, we considered that the low rise infill better fit in with the rest of Norman Street and will help preserve its character. Here is our letter:


755 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6R1
Eric Darwin, President

March 4, 2011

City of Ottawa
Attn. Bliss Edwards

The Dalhousie Community Association discussed the proposed site plan and zoning by law amendments for 409-411 Preston Street, files D07-12-11-0006 and D02-02-11-003.

We have no objections to the project.

Eric Darwin
President, DCA