DCA Agenda for 2 March 2011

DCA Agenda, March 2nd, 2011

The next meeting of the DCA will be on Wed 3 March, 2011. It will be held at the Dalhousie Community Centre, corner of Empress and Somerset. Our room is on the ground floor, beside the pop machine. Meeting begins at 7.30 and is usually over shortly after 9. Everyone is welcome.

1. Soho Italia (high rise intensification). Presentation by and discussion with the architect, Roderick Lahey, and developer representative Jeff Polowin. Our website has some pictures of the proposed development. Please familiarize yourselves with these before coming to the meeting.

20min for presentation, 30 minutes for discussion.

2. Norman street infill (low rise intensification). A local property owner wants to sever the parking lot (access off Norman) behind his existing duplex (which faces Preston), and build 3 apts on the “new” 33’x33’ lot. This removes some off-street private parking and the new units will not have parking. Discuss the merits of the infill, and larger conversation about parking at new developments. Some argue that requiring many parking spaces facilitates or encourages car ownership and auto-dominated projects. Others argue that building without parking lowers unit costs and promotes transit oriented development and active transportation modes (walking, cycling, transit). For large buildings, visitor parking and even resident parking can clog adjacent streets. These are issues for to consider for the little infill at Preston/Norman and for larger projects like Soho Italia.

3. publicity/notice BUZZ ad for AGM;   Charles has written a piece for the Buzz to encourage membership for March issue

4. FCA dues for 2011 ($30)     Archie.

5. Re: community safety, Eric’smeeting with Paul Dewar last month re prostitution laws being struck down.

6. Alta Vista corridor. DCA has written to object to the road project.

7. Albert street (from last meeting): We wrote to express our concerns that this be a comprehensive redevelopment of Albert and not just a traffic scheme; response from DH is posted on our web page.

8. Carling Avenue reconstruction: Eric to submit comments on behalf of DCA.

9. Devonshire daycare and English Public school board accommodation meetings (Zsofia,5 minutes).