DCA raises concerns about Claridge proposal

Claridge is proposing three condo towers for the parking lot bounded by Queen, Lyon, and Albert. This parcel is directly west of the Crowne Plaza hotel, behind Barabarella's strip club. It is also directly over the west station of the new downtown transit tunnel. Will this site offer access to the station? It should. The DCA wrote to the Committee of Adjustment hearing on the height of the proposed development, arguing we want depth regulated too:

to: Committee of Adjustment

The Dalhousie Community Association traditionally represents residents on the western portion of downtown Ottawa extending over to Bayview and from the Ottawa River to Carling Avenue. As such, the Claridge proposal interests us.

We have several concerns:

  • there appears to be insufficient landscaped space or amenity space for the residents
  • we have been unable to determine if an arrangement has been made with the city for access to the proposed downtown Ottawa transit tunnel station immediately under this site. Such access would benefits the residents and the public. If the City is to grant increased height for this site, it should be conditional on a suitable arrangement for depth, ie access to the underground station
  • while the application for minor adjustments does not mention downward construction, this is due to the newness of the city's subway reality, and we invite the CoA to stake out new ground in declaring its interest in depth as well as height.
  • the Association has no objection to the proposed height of the buildings at this location

Eric Darwin.
President, Dalhousie Community Association