DCA letter re Parking Restrictions, n.side of Albert

To: Diane Holmes, Ainsley Shepperd, NCC

During Bluesfest in 2008 there was a lot of off-road parking on the greenspace that runs along the north side of Albert between Booth and City Centre Avenue. This was while the City's new multipurpose path/sidewalk and landscaping was still being installed. The land immediately along the north side of Albert Street is city owned, the land further north is NCC property. A chain link fence in the area may not reflect the ownership boundary.

In 2009 the situation was much improved. With the hard work of Ainsley Shepherd and the active cooperation of the NCC, off-road parking was severely curtailed during Bluesfest. Parking on the grass and greenspace crept back during the Festival in the Park the following week. After the festivals, the area remained pleasantly green with minimal rutting and erosion.

The Dalhousie Community Association is concerned that vigiliance and extra effort will have to be expended each and every year to protect this greenspace from being damaged by off-road parking. This takes our time and the time of our civil servants. As staff members change over time, we may end up with staff who are less enthused or do not share our concern that this green space not be turned into a festival parking lot.

We are therefore asking that the City and NCC cooperate to permanently install "no parking" signs along the north edge of this property. Simply having no parking signs along the curb or relying on general parking rules has proved ineffective in the past and will result in unhappy festival goers in the future if they get ticketed for parking off road. Particular care must be taken to mark the area accessed by the Preston extension, former Broad Street, and the Old Wellington triangle on the east side of Booth.

Thank you.

Eric Darwin.
President, Dalhousie Community Association