DCA meeting Dec 2nd

DCA Agenda
Dec 2, 2009, 6.15pm
at Vietnam Palace restaurant on Somerset between Booth and Rochester. First 45 minutes on the agenda; then dinner (pay your own way or split with immediate table mates).

Minutes – approve November minutes


1. Timeliness of web presence

Guest – Ron Clark, Delcan (to be confirmed)

Somerset between Preston and the OTrain is to be reconstructed in 2010. The City wants to set up a stakeholders group. Here are some of the key issues to be considered:

• Leave Somerset 4 lanes at the intersection or make it 3 lanes as was done on Preston and West Wellington this year?

• Location of bus stop by May’s restaurant (NW corner of Preston)

• Extending the short bike lane now at the crest of the hill

• D├ęcor, look and feel: like the new Preston? Like Somerset West of OTrain? Like the new Somerset east of the intersection (scheduled for rebuilding in 2011)?

• East meets west: Piazza Marco Polo?


1. CCC (Ida)

2. DOTT /LRT – our comments finalized, then shared with WWCA, HCA, CHCA, posted to web

Planning & Development

1. cornerstone development, landscaping issues (david)

2. CCOC buys existing 40 unit apt bldg

Environment and Recreation

1. PPRA report. Rink boards are up now.

2. Dominican Gardens & parks update (Sean)

3. Anne report on the CAFES meeting in November 14th,

4. Community Celebration 2010, PPRA nominated for award (jointly with HCA)


1. The Buzz

2. Media: coverage in MSM (Sun, OBJ, Centretown News, CBC, ckcu, Carleton JSchool, higher profile for DCA (Eric)

Councillor’s Report

1. Loss of trees along Albert in front of City Living projects

Other business

Eric attended other CA: attended HCA, WWCA, CHCA(2)