On-Going Activities at the DCA

The DCA constantly reacts to on-going events that originate in the community, and to outside agencies that have plans that affect the community, and to new developments. There is a continuous stream of Committe of Adjustment applications, Zoning changes, and development applications to examine.

We also have a number of on-going activities. These are not formally set up as (sub)committees - we are too small for that. But rather enthusiastic fellow residents get involved in an issue and follow up on it and keep the rest of informed. Through this blog, we hope to keep more residents informed.

Here are some of the on-going interests:

- participating in the Carling-Bayview Community Design Plan. This study was well underway when it was aborted by the City, but we lobby to get it reactivated, and it now appears it will resume within the next few months. It will shape future development along the OTrain corridor.

-DOTT - the Downtown Ottawa Transit Tunnel and the LRT project from Tunney's to Blair Road. We attend numerous briefings on this project and give detailed input to the planners and politicians as it will be a major determining factor on our neighborhood future.

- Parks, trees, landscaping, the Dominican Garden - we continually give input to the City on tree planting, streetscaping (along Preston, Somerset, Albert and other major streets), and lobby to get the City to increase the amount of park space in the neighborhood (eg buying the Dominican Gardens) and improve what little we have (eg Dante Park corner Gladstone/Booth) (the linear park along the OTrain). The DCA built and maintains the flower garden in front of the Dalhousie Community Centre building at the corner of Empress and Somerset.

- Dalhousie South Traffic study - in the Bronson-Carling-Booth-Qway area

- working with the Chinatown BIA and the Preston St BIA

We are also seeking to increase activity in the areas of neighborhood safety and property standards; and will be participating in the new Scott Street CDP (from Bayview to Westboro Station).

It amazes me how many times our comments actually have an impact on projects, applications, and things that affect our community. That influence, that record of success, is what keeps us going.


  1. Hello, I have question for you:
    Is the DCA involved in looking into (or promoting) the possible Oak St Farmer's market? I'd really like to find out if there has been any feasibility studies, public consultations, etc, surrounding this idea. Beyond emailing MPs, is there any way to help push this project forward?
    Thanks a lot!

  2. The DCA is only aware that the Preston Street BIA is examining the proposal. We hope to hear more about it at our next meeting, Oct 7th, 7.30pm, at the Dalhousie Community Centre corner Empress and Somerset St. Or you can call Lori Mellor at info@prestonstreet.com. She will appreciate hearing of your support.
    -Eric Darwin


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