Meeting Minutes, June 3, 2009

 Present: Archie Campbell, Michael Hatfield, Jessica Scallen, Sean Darcy, Laura Bergen, Phil Robinson, Ida Henderson, Charles Abken-Marchand, Emily Watkins, David Seaborn, Eric Darwin, Maija Kagis, Martha Musgrove.

The Minutes of the May meeting were adopted.

New Agenda Items:

July Meeting: will be on July 8th, at  [ ]. A short meeting will be followed by a potluck, with some coordination beforehand so that attendees bring a variety of foods. This is during the Bluesfest period, so the event has been located away from the noise and parking problems.

August Meeting: only if necessary, on August 5th, a meeting will be called and the usual room has been reserved.

Dominican Gardens: there will be a consultation meeting with city officials at city hall in Diane Holmes’s office on June 9th.

Planning Committee: there is no committee of adjustment applications this month. The proposed project for Cambridge/Gladstone (the “yellow house” project) is back “on”. It is for seven narrow townhouses facing Cambridge and one facing Gladstone with a small storefront/office on the ground floor. Attendees liked the tree planting, front yard fences, and low rise nature of the project, and look forward to its construction.

Election of Officers: Eric Darwin was elected incoming President, Ida Henderson as VP, Zsofia and Maija jointly as Secretaries, David Seaborn as Treasurer. Archie was thanked for his years of faithful service.

Arms Trade shows: Ida read the motion going before council. A motion of support was proposed by Charles and Maija, and passed. Ida to write a letter of support from the DCA.

Communications: the editor of the BUZZ is leaving as of the end of July. There was a brief discussion on the replacement, which will likely come from the resumes already received from the prior competition. The deadline for articles to the next issue is June 10th for publication on the 19th.

Transit: the City Centre Coalition is in a bit of a flux on the DOTT and related issues, reported Charles. This should smooth out as members gain more experience. Until then, the DCA may need to do its own submissions.

Community Safety: Pam: no action reported.

PPRA: Ida reported increased revenues from the recent bake sale and desert party, and noted a donation of $5000 from Keller Williams, Realtor. The PPRA is developing a roster of members or volunteers willing to water the garden, occasionally drop in on the park councilors, and operate the Forward Avenue swim pass program. The PPRA is excited at the prospect of the Vietnamese Cultural Centre building planned for the northeast corner of Somerset/Preston, diagonally opposite the Vietnamese Monument.

Chinatown/Somerset St streetscaping: Grace Xin funded and coordinated the development of a small garden in front of the Manphong store/warehouse at the corner of Lorne and Somerset. This spot has long been undermaintained by the store owner. Working with Pastor Josh and youths from the Chinese Christian Church on Empress, a number of plants were installed at the corner. Some additional monitoring is required to ensure it does not become “lost” due to abuse or neglect.

Living Wage: a motion to either investigate or implement a motion for a higher-than-minimum wage be required for city workers and city contractors was discussed. No action, as we were unclear what the motion actually proposed.

Community Development Project/Initiative: Phil outlined how Emily Hayes at the Somerset West Community health Centre has a project looking at infrastructure and needs. Phil suggested we invite her to the September meeting to outline the project. Phil to invite Emily.

Eyesores: a number of members have written or called complaints to the city about Cousin Edy’s Garage on Booth. It has been significantly cleaned up, so we conclude that calls can work. We will continue to insist on trees being replaced along the outer boulevard. Our attention must now shift to the burned out structures immediately to the south, and illegal parking thereon. Any and all are invited to complain about the properties to 3-1-1.

Coucillors Report: the open doors, greenbelt consultation, and governance issues were mentioned. Council has agreed to binding arbitration for OC Transpo workers. June 13 there will be a garage sale at Minto Park and book sale at Elgin PS nearby.

Bluesfest: the consultation meeting has been postponed and Ida, Eric, and Martha Musgrove want to be sure to be informed of the new time and location by Laura Bergen.

New Tree Bylaw: the tree canopy in Ottawa is still significant but continually reduced by building and parking lot expansion and the action of individual property owners. The new bylaw would require a permit to remove trees over 70cm in diameter. While members expressed some concern as to its real effect, the Association will write a letter in support of the Bylaw. Emily will draft the letter for Eric’s signature. [done]